Pubdate: Sat,  6 Sep 2003
Source: Daily Camera (CO)
Copyright: 2003 The Daily Camera.
Author: Doug Richards


The picture of six police officers in the Aug. 31 paper hanging out on the 
Hill is evidence that Boulder has too many police officers (who, 
incidentally, are grossly underpaid). Police should be fighting actual 
crime (vandalism, assault, rape etc.) and not waste time and tax dollars on 
college kids' underage drinking. For heaven's sake, leave the kids alone. 
Tragically, alcoholism and drug abuse do exist, but they have nothing to do 
with underage drinking. The obnoxious, abusive behavior by some kids ruins 
fun for everyone, but we live in a toxic, vile culture with little or no 
display of wisdom or responsibility among our leaders.

Then you have the misguided thinking of the "La Iguana" owner for blaming 
kids with fake IDs instead of stupid, ultimately destructive laws and the 
police for being a risk to her business. In my day, we could drink 3.2 beer 
on the Hill. We could alter our draft cards and get a margarita at the 
Catacombs. This was a pleasant experience, and we were not a threat to 
ourselves or society.

Asking the police to babysit our teenage wasteland is inappropriate. These 
kids should have been given a little direction, but there is none in our 
"sibling society" as Robert Bly aptly calls it. The schizophrenic message 
of prohibition vs. the encouragement of mindless revelry (courtesy of the 
lite-beer drug-pushing industry) isn't going to bring about good citizenship.

Finally, why are police entering houses on the Hill without a search 
warrant? And what kind of weirdo would wander around the hill at night as a 
prohibitionist vigilante? The phrase "get a life" comes to mind, but if 
not, why don't you folks go downtown, have a couple of drinks, go dancing 
and enjoy some of the excellent entertainment this city is lucky to have?

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