Pubdate: Wed, 22 Jan 2003
Source: Zephyr, The (IL)
Copyright: 2003, The Zephyr
Author: Mike Patterson



I just read the Galesburg Register-Mail this morning, Jan. 18, and see where
the Abingdon Police Department made a ''drug sweep'' of the high school.

How ridiculous is that? First of all I'd rather my tax money in police wages
be spent on stopping crackheads and meth takers from criminal behavior that
the addict does in order to feed his habit.

Secondly, isn't that illegal search and seizure? Don't the cops have to have
a search warrant? They would if they swept through your home. In effect a
public high school is everybody's day care.

Third, what do these tactics teach our kids? That cops can pretty much do
what they want? If I was in high school it would only make me more cynical.
I bet the Abingdon teachers aren't discussing the legality of that ''drug
sweep'' in civics class.

Besides, let's be real. Of, say, 250 students in school, the authorities --
if they had any common sense at all -- have to realize that only about 50 or
so students use drugs or pot or whatever, and how many of those 50 or so
students bring it into the school?

Please -- from now on -- spend the police time and money on real problems.
Not ''reefer madness'' 2003 style. Mr. Policeman -- go to Monmouth Blvd.,
Tompkins St. and South St. here in town and get some crackheads. You don't
have far to go from your headquarters, and it would be taxpayers' money
better spent. Besides, all you have to do is pull your car up to the curb
and the crack dealers will come to you.

Mike Patterson

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