Pubdate: Thu, 28 Aug 2003
Source: Georgia Straight, The (CN BC)
Copyright: 2003 The Georgia Straight
Author: Lee Hamilton
Bookmark: (Club Drugs)
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Thank you for the realistic appraisal of the drug-party scene and its
risks ["Drugs 101", August 21-28]. It was a refreshing antidote to
some of the idealized notions promoted in the alternative and gay press.

The latter in particular is notoriously reluctant to examine the party
scene critically. My own eyes were opened to the nastier side of the
scene some time ago at the venue described (The World), after a small
three-way transaction on the dance-floor became garbled, resulting in
weeks of harassment and a rash of threats from people we'd never met

This came as a surprise to some but not all of the veteran party
sceners I spoke to afterwards. We'd never encountered such vindictive
malice in our own neighbourhood before.

Far from converting me to the cause of legalizing this unregulated
industry, my experience has led me to question why civic authorities
have cooperated with profiteers in the establishment of legal
platforms for these activities. Any other industry must abide by
recognized standards, regulations, and codes of conduct.

By granting business licences and turning a blind eye to the scene's
abuses, civic authorities are not only profiteering off harmful
behaviours but are also sending very ambiguous messages about what is
and is not acceptable in civil society.

Lee Hamilton

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