Pubdate: Mon, 11 Aug 2003
Source: Los Angeles Times (CA)
Copyright: 2003 Los Angeles Times
Author: Rick L. Root
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"Clear the Fumes at the DEA" (editorial, Aug. 5) was right on the mark. I am
simply appalled at how our federal government continues its war on medical
marijuana with such a superficial attitude.

But how could the Senate confirm Karen Tandy as head of the Drug Enforcement
Administration, a person who, when asked about the 1999 federal Institute of
Medicine report that recognized medicinal value in marijuana, answered that
she was "not personally familiar" with the report? Shouldn't it be required
reading in the mind of any clear-thinking, justice-and-liberty-supporting

But that's the problem. Anyone drawing a federal paycheck, whether because
of appointment or election, must pretend that evidence, both clinical and
anecdotal, does not exist. And of course those on state payrolls bow down
before the almighty federal government. The fact that we do have elected
representatives who will support continued terror against the sick and dying
because of special- interest pressure ought to give all of us second
thoughts as to how many other issues might be supported so recklessly.

It's not about medical marijuana nearly as much as being about standing up
for truth and liberty.

Rick L. Root

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