Pubdate: Sun, 17 Aug 2003
Source: Waco Tribune-Herald (TX)
Copyright: 2003 Waco-Tribune Herald
Author: John Werner


Richard Guinn was surprised when his phone rang about 7 a.m. Saturday, and
former Baylor University men's basketball coach Dave Bliss was on the line.

"I hadn't even eaten my breakfast yet," Guinn said.

Bliss asked if he could come over to Guinn's Waco home and talk to his son,
Baylor senior center R.T. Guinn. The lead story in Saturday morning's
newspaper was Bliss' plot to use players and assistant coaches to concoct a
story that slain Baylor player Patrick Dennehy used drug-dealing money to
pay for his tuition.

Former Baylor player Carlton Dotson was arrested on July 21 and charged with
Dennehy's murder.

Guinn was one of three players Bliss tried to use in the cover-up, according
to secret tapes made July 30 through Aug. 1 by Baylor assistant coach Abar

"Coach Bliss told us he was sorry for what happened," Richard Guinn said.
"But I'm very upset that he tried to use R.T. and the other boys for his
cover-up. You just don't take people who trust you and screw them around
like that."

Richard Guinn said Bliss taped Saturday morning's conversation with his son.
The father wouldn't reveal the nature of the conversation, but he also used
a tape recorder to record Bliss. Bliss resigned on Aug. 8 after admitting
his involvement in illegally providing two players with tuition money.

Baylor President Robert B. Sloan Jr. placed the men's basketball program on
probation for two years.

"I used a tape recorder so he (Bliss) couldn't twist or turn it," Guinn
said. "Then I took it over to the Baylor investigative committee because I
wanted them to have the real story. Mostly, I was trying to protect R.T. and
not get him in trouble after the things he (Bliss) pulled."

Bliss was unavailable for comment Sunday.

Richard Guinn said R.T. never planned to go along with Bliss' scheme to
devise a story about Dennehy dealing drugs to raise tuition money. Guinn
said R.T. had already told the truth to the NCAA, the sheriff's office and
Waco police before meeting with Bliss in late July.

"Coach Bliss wanted R.T. to embellish his story," Richard Guinn said.

Richard Guinn said he was shocked by the contents of Rouse's tapes, but is
glad the assistant coach did it.

"I applaud Abar for doing it," Guinn said. "I'm glad he exposed Bliss' plan
for a cover-up."

Richard Guinn said his son is still planning to stay at Baylor for his
senior year. But he's concerned that the search committee for a new
basketball coach hasn't moved faster because the fall semester begins Aug.
25. Indiana assistant coach John Treloar has expressed interest in the job.

"Right now, R.T. is staying," Richard Guinn said. "But Baylor needs to find
a new coach quick."
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