Pubdate: Tue, 12 Aug 2003
Source: Times Of Malta (Malta)
Copyright: 2003 Allied Newspapers Limited
Author: Jean Agius


It is a known fact that cigarettes and alcohol kill more people than any 
other drugs.

Funnily enough, in the UK a group of alcoholics are suing the government 
and alcohol firms in a private High Court litigation. They may be justified 
in doing so, because cigarettes and alcohol are legal and licensed to kill. 
I sympathise with these persons suing these firms but those who wish to 
pursue a futile war on illegal drugs in the face of clear failure are the 
ones taking the soft option.

Who knows, there may be a time when the drugs problem will be taken 
seriously and drugs may be licensed by the authorities in a very strict way 
and sold accordingly and in moderation. Government bodies need to control 
the distribution of drugs via special clinics and at the same time stricter 
controls must apply to alcohol and cigarettes sales; this way drug barons 
and criminals will be hit where it hurts.

Maybe the authorities will bravely find a way to deal with this problem. 
Our members of parliament must understand the full significance of this 
situation. They must realise that the war on illegal drugs has failed and 
is lost! This again is a fact. Ecstasy, cannabis etc. are sold openly and 
they are easily available.

The dangers of crime associated with drugs are far more serious than the 
dangers of the drugs themselves. If we carry on with the current policy, 
the prisons will be full and we will need more of them, and more hospitals; 
we cannot carry on like this. Government policy on illegal drugs is not 
following this dictum and most of it is being made in ignorance.

Our MPs must wake up and act now to win public trust and respect!

Jean Agius,

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