Pubdate: Thu, 17 Jul 2003
Source: Fort Pierce Tribune (FL)
Copyright: 2003 The E.W. Scripps Co.
Author: Nancy Malone


My daughter and I have been patients of Dr. Darshan Shah and the
Advanced Care Emergi-Center since April 2000. I cannot believe the
attack that has been launched against both Dr. Shah and Mike McSween,

Close to closing time on a Friday night in April 2001, I took my
daughter to Dr. Shah because she was in anaphylaxis shock. Dr. Shah
saved her life that night. I witnessed the most professional,
qualified and caring work of any physician and medical team.

He stayed there with us late into the night to assure that everything
was clear. Then he telephoned us on the following two days to make
sure my daughter was still doing fine.

Dr. Shah has always been very professional in his diagnostic
evaluations and his prescribing of medications. He is very thorough
with his examinations and will not prescribe medications that are not

He will sit down and go over his evaluation and treatment process with
his patients so they are well informed of what they are being
prescribed and the course of treatment they will receive.

Dr. Shah is always looking out for his patients' well being. Dr. Shah
is a physician like physicians used to be, ones who knew and cared
about their patients, one who is available before and after hours when
his patients need him, not just when it's convenient for him.

I previously had taken my daughter to different pediatricians as
dictated by her insurance carrier. However, I would have to take her
into their offices for three or four visits sometimes before she would
be well again. Not so with Dr. Shah. He is very thorough and exemplary
in his procedures and treatments. I continue to take her to Dr. Shah
for treatment, even though he is not a provider for her insurance. I
will continue to pay out of pocket for her to be treated by Dr. Shah.

Also, Mike McSween, ARNP, who works in Dr. Shah's clinic, has always
been very proficient in his diagnostic skills and treatment
procedures. Mr. McSween always reviews chart and medical history
before prescribing medication. Also, from my experiences with and what
I have witnessed of his methods of treatment, I cannot believe that
Mr. McSween would give and/or prescribe narcotics to anyone as he is
being accused.

I do not believe what is being said about Dr. Shah, Mike McSween or
anyone else in Dr. Shah's employment. I trust Dr. Shah not only with
my life, but the life of my daughter. No one is more important to me
than she is.


Fort Pierce
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