Pubdate: Fri, 25 Jul 2003
Source: DrugSense Weekly
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DrugSense Weekly, July 25, 2003 #310

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* This Just In

(1) Agents Warn Of Pot Sprayed With Weed Killer (2) Court Reverses 
Conviction Of Tulia Drug-sting Victim (3) Medicinal Cannabis Step Closer 
(4) Soldiers Of Good Fortune

* Weekly News in Review

Drug Policy-

(5) Bill To Protect Medicinal Pot Users Falls Short In House (6) GOP Leads 
the Way on Drug Policy Reform (7) Federal Judge Not Taking Plea Deals (8) 
Plea Deals Garner Thousands of Dollars for Do-Good Groups (9) In Year Of 
Cuts, Some Lawmakers Question Drug-Treatment Spending

Law Enforcement & Prisons-

(10) Drug Case A Black Eye For Prosecutors (11) Chula Vista Man Still in 
Custody in Mexico (12) West Palm Officer Guilty Of Laundering Money For 
Drug Dealer (13) Doyle To Sign Plans To Open 2 Prisons

Cannabis & Hemp-

(14) Health Canada Set To Release Medical-Pot Manual (15) Pot Paradox (16) 
DNA Database Tracks Pot Trafficking (17) Alaska Pot Case Heads For An 
Appeal (18) Ontario Teen Calls Cops After Her Pot Is Stolen

International News-

(19) Chiang Rai Drug Forum: War On Drugs Set To Escalate (20) Ozamiz Mayor 
To Drug Lords: 'I'll Butcher You' (21) Supervised Drug Injecting Room Trial 
Considered A Success (22) Police Attempt Entry Into Injection Room (23) 
Safe Site By September, Mayor Says

* Hot Off The 'Net

Halting Drug Reform

The Debate: Hinchey/Rohrabacher Medical Marijuana Amendment

ONDCP Deuputy Endorses Caging Patients / DS Focus Alert

House Defeats Effort To Divert Colombia Military Aid, Barely

Information For Health Care Professionals - Marihuana (Cannabis)

Open Letter To Health Canada, The CMA And The Press

Potential Medical Liability For Physicians Recommending Marijuana

Free Bryan Epis Petition

Marc Emery Summer Of Legalization Tour

Growing Outrage / Jacob Sullum

* Letter Of The Week

Imprisoning Our Youth For Drug, Alcohol Abuse Is Stupid / By Joseph E. Hopwood

* Feature Article

Congress Fails To Protect Medical Marijuana Patients / By Robert Kampia

* Quote of the Week

Herman Tureaud
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