Pubdate: Sun, 06 Jul 2003
Source: Mississauga News (CN ON)
Copyright: The Mississauga News 2003
Author: Gary Storck


Dear Editor:

Regarding your article, "Pot Growers Setting Traps" in the June 3

The presence of booby-traps where marijuana grows is simply another
symptom of marijuana prohibition. Decriminalization will not solve
this problem, full legalization will. The Canadian Senate's
comprehensive report urging the legalization of marijuana is a
sensible recommendation that should be followed.

If it is, booby-traps and all the other negatives associated with
prohibiting a plant rather than regulating it will disappear. Rather
than passing more laws trying to combat the symptoms of cannabis
prohibition, simply pass one law to legalize it.

Gary Storck,

Madison, Wisconsin
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