Pubdate: Mon, 07 Jul 2003
Source: Herald, The (South Africa)
Copyright: 2003 The Herald.
Note: Dagga is cannabis
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A massive haul of mandrax powder by the Scorpions last week gives a hint at 
the size of the narcotics market in this country. The specialised unit 
seized four tons of the substance from three houses in a Johannesburg suburb.

This quantity apparently has a street value of about R700-million. Clearly 
it points to a ready and growing market, so for those who thought that 
South Africa remained relatively untainted, it is time to think again. 
Drugs are big business.

It seems that while there are eager users there will be no way of stamping 
out the problem, which can be related to a variety of crimes and is closely 
associated with the sex and sleaze industry. It is a sorry indictment 
against society, and let's not be deluded, the Johannesburg haul is no more 
than the tip of the iceberg.

In pulling off the bust after an intensive three-week long investigation 
the elite Scorpions have once again proved their worth. But let's also be 
sure that the arrest of six men will no more than dent the national supply 

The only way the battle against drugs can be contained is through effective 
education, and let those broad-minded liberals who advocate the 
legalisation of dagga -- recognised as the entry point to drug abuse -- 
understand that they are part of the problem. Sadly, among their numbers 
are influential personalities. Do we need more evidence that such nonsense 
must be resisted?
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