Pubdate: Sun,  6 Jul 2003
Source: North County Times (CA)
Copyright: 2003 North County Times
Author: Connie Frankowiak 
Bookmark: (Racial Issues)


Nothing illustrates more clearly the injustice of America's legal system
than the fact that only poor whites, blacks and Mexicans end up in jail for
drug use. 

Anyone with even one critical thinking brain cell working knows that the
rich and powerful use drugs such as cocaine. Cocaine is an expensive drug,
so only the rich can afford it. 

Have you ever heard of a drug raid in a wealthy neighborhood? No way,
because that is where all the judges, lawyers, politicians, corrupt CEOs,
executive board members, energy producers and marketers who have stolen
billions from the people reside. The truth is that the only places law
enforcement enforces drug laws is in poor neighborhoods. 

I would like to tell you about a women I once knew who lived in Point Loma
and died of a drug overdose. This woman used and sold cocaine for years. She
drove while on cocaine and endangered other lives. It is true that she was
arrested plenty of times, but she never went to jail because her daddy was a
judge and her mommy worked for the FBI. 

Any law that does not equally apply to all Americans should be abolished, so
all of America's drug laws must be abolished. 

Connie Frankowiak 

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