Pubdate: Wed, 15 Jan 2003
Source: Decatur Daily (AL)
Copyright: 2003 The Decatur Daily
Author: Clyde L. Stancil, Staff Writer
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MOULTON - A Lawrence County High School student pleaded guilty Monday to 
selling drugs at school and received sentences totaling 26 years in prison.

Webster Alexander, 19, of 2161 Lawrence County 180, Moulton, received the 
jail time for six drug charges, including four for distributing controlled 
substances at the school.

Lawrence County District Attorney Jim Osborn said the sentences were stiff, 
but justified.

"Distribution of a controlled substance is a serious offense any time, but 
it is especially serious when it's on school property," he said.

The other two charges were for first-degree possession of marijuana and 
possession of paraphernalia.

Lawrence County Circuit Judge Philip Reich sentenced Alexander to 13 years 
on each distribution charge. He gave him three years for the act of selling 
on campus, five years for selling drugs within three miles of a school and 
five years for selling within three miles of a housing project.

Reich ordered Alexander to serve two of the distribution sentences 
consecutively. He will serve the other two at the same time he serves the 
first two. Reich also sentenced Alexander to five years on the marijuana 
charge and six months on the paraphernalia charge.

Alexander applied for probation and is free on bond pending a probation 

Authorities arrested Alexander at his home April 9, 2002, after an 
undercover agent with the Lawrence County Drug Task Force identified him as 
one of the students selling drugs at school. The agent posed as a student 
for six weeks and made several drug buys.

An hour after authorities arrested Alexander, they arrested Cordine Bush, 
19, in the school's cafeteria and charged him with two counts of selling to 
the undercover officer.

Authorities made a simultaneous raid at the home of Rodney Hicks, 18, of 
1460 Lawrence County 180, and charged him with one count of sale to the 
undercover officer, first-degree possession of marijuana and possession of 

Bush's case is pending. The next plea docket is in March. Hicks received 
youthful offender status.
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