Pubdate: Thu, 09 Jan 2003
Source: View Magazine (Hamilton, CN ON)
Copyright: 2003 View Magazine
Author: Philip M Slattery
Cited: DrugScope


Paul Bobier is right that the national marijuana debate needs more
information, but fails to mention that cannabis must be the most
studied plant on the planet. The results of these studies are often
"spun" to produce the results required by what ever side is using them.

You mention The British Lung Foundation report which makes several
unsupported claims. For example there is the claim that cannabis
contains 50 per cent more carcinogens than tobacco tar. This claim was
immediately refuted on peer review. It was found the claims for
cannabis were for the leaves of the plant and as any one who knows
anything about pot will know these are not smoked. It is the flower or
"bud" that is used and this contains one third less tar than tobacco.

Debate is good, however several points about cannabis are
indisputable. Cannabis use has never directly caused a death. Cannabis
has never been linked to a cancer death. Any harms, mental or
physical, associated with cannabis are reversible on cessation of use.
Whilst not harmless cannabis is nevertheless still the safest
intoxicant know to man.

The "Drug Debate" is so often characterized by wild or overt
propaganda and is often reduced to mud slinging. There is a need for
an unbiased source of information. This is why the world renowned
"Welcome Trust" has set up a media resource at the DrugScope website
and I would recommend all those who wish to join the debate aquaint
themselves with it at:

Philip M Slattery,
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