Pubdate: Fri, 10 Jan 2003
Source: LA Weekly (CA)
Copyright: 2003, L.A. Weekly Media, Inc.
Author: Rob Leichter
Cited: NORML ( ); Marijuana Policy Project ( );
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Re: Judith Lewis' "The Terror War on Drugs" [December 13-19]. A "reform tax"
on black-market marijuana is an idea whose time has come. My local marijuana
supplier already charges a 5 percent "tax" on his product; 100 percent of
the "tax" money thereby collected goes to drug-law reform organizations such
as NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), the MPP
(Marijuana Policy Project), FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums),
Common Sense for Drug Policy, Jeff and Tracy's Neighborhood, etc. No one
complains about the "tax," because the money is going to a good cause. If
more marijuana suppliers in the country "taxed" their weed, pot-law
reformers would have more funds to battle the estimated $40 billion spent
annually on the drug war.

Rob Leichter

Los Angeles
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