Pubdate: Sat, 11 May 2002
Source: Wisconsin State Journal (WI)
Copyright: 2002 Madison Newspapers, Inc.
Author: Bruce Rideout
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Let me see if I get this. Raves, er techno dances, involve young people 
gathering to listen to music, meet friends, meet new friends. And some 
indeed do illegal drugs, others legal ones. And for the vast majority of 
dances, little or no violence, few if any overdoses, very, very few deaths.

So far I understand. What I do not understand is the shrill response to 
such events, as reported in Tuesday's Wisconsin State Journal, when the 
results do not warrant it. You could attach the same results to any of 
hundreds of thousands of celebrations, parties, and other public events 
across America. But no sensational articles.

My understanding is that parents escort kids under 18 to these events. But 
alas, they have been mislead to believe that because police are present, 
their kids have a guarantee they will come to no harm. So better we just 
ban it than have those confused parents wondering if they will ever see 
their kids again in one piece.

Please! The only confusion rests with the Dane County Sheriffs office and 
the County Executive's Office. The vested authorities keep harassing young 
people in hopes they will conform to the whims and fears of the rest of us 
mature adults.

I suggest we look into the dangerous and reckless activities of the elected 
adults in office and leave these kids alone.

Bruce Rideout, Madison
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