Pubdate: Sun, 12 May 2002
Source: High Point Enterprise (NC)
Copyright: 2002 High Point (N.C.) Enterprise
Author: Debbie Leonard


I'd like to respond to the May 10 letter from Frank Goss supporting 
Davidson County Sheriff Hege. Goss says he has heard people of a "criminal 
nature" say that they stay away from Davidson County. I hear this quite 
often as a justification for Hege's tactics. Well, we do have crime in 
Davidson County, and a lot of it has been going on under the sheriff's nose.

I had heard rumors for years about people being stopped and drugs, etc., 
planted in their cars. I had heard about drugs disappearing after drug 
busts, etc. I never believed these rumors. I trusted the law-enforcement 
personnel in our county, but I believe the rumors now!

Goss also says that state statistics prove that crime has been lowered in 
Davidson County. Please keep in mind that those statistics are 
self-reported. Our sheriff's office has been accused of not reporting all 
crime, so you'll just have to take those statistics with a grain of salt.

Goss mentioned that people in the mountain areas would be happy to have 
Hege for a sheriff. Well, you know what? A lot of people in our county 
would be happy to have him run for sheriff somewhere else, too.


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