Pubdate: Wed, 08 May 2002
Source: Zephyr, The (IL)
Copyright: 2002, The Zephyr
Author: Carrie Stoafer
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I strongly urge you to write President Bush and have him grant Clemency to 
Timothy Tyler. He is a non-violent drug offender serving two life sentences 
for selling LSD. He was a "dead-head" at age 18-22, going to all the 
Grateful Dead shows. From age 22 in 1992 to the present, he has been in 
federal prison due to this ridiculous "War on Drugs." To read more, see and look on the wall of POWs, Prisoners of the War on 
Drugs. A futile effort. It would cost one-seventh the price of 
incarceration for life to have made drug rehabilitation available instead 
of putting him in prison. Now, 60 percent of the 2 million prisoners in the 
US are drug offenders. We need to build one prison per week just to keep up.

Is it working? No. Prohibition and incarceration has never worked. Cutting 
off supply had never worked. You need to cut off demand. Teach people at a 
young age to avoid drugs. Alcohol and tobacco are legal, yet they take more 
lives each year and cost taxpayers more money than any other form of death. 
It just makes sense. Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for 
humanity -- Horace Mann. The punishment should fit the crime! Non-violent 
drug offenders should get less time than murderers, rapists and child 
molesters! Free Tim Tyler

Carrie Stoafer

Las Vegas, Nev.
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