Pubdate: Sat, 11 May 2002
Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI)
Copyright: 2002 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


The following is in regard to the May 5 article by Jessica McBride and 
Nahal Toosi about the April 27-28 rave "Psychosis" in Madison ("Ecstasy 
stars in rave at coliseum"). As one of the thousands in attendance at 
Psychosis VII, I read the article highlighting the event with 
disappointment. The article paints the picture of an event awash in drugs 
and seems to make those who take drugs the focus on the event.

I was there the entire night and did not hear the word "Ecstasy" mentioned 
or references to any other drug. Nor did I see a single person who was 
"rolling." I was there with a few other friends that night, and none of us 
was on drugs. We were there to enjoy watching the disc jockeys perform.

To be fair, though, I wasn't actively looking for drug users. It doesn't 
surprise me to hear of people using Ecstasy and/or other drugs at the rave. 
I don't believe the event staff security stopped all of the drugs from 
coming in, but I do believe they stopped a large portion of it from ever 
getting through. Therefore, I cannot agree with the article's claim that 
drug use was running rampant.

I agree that drug use at any event like this is a legitimate concern. 
However, one cannot assume that everyone is there solely to do drugs.

Michael Heikkinen

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