Pubdate: Wed, 08 May 2002
Source: Toronto Star (CN ON)
Copyright: 2002 The Toronto Star
Author: Lewis Pearsall


Re: Pot freedom fighters fully baked, May 6.

Monday's Star informed us that a recent poll showed that Canadians believe 
that Canadian media are biased and sensationalistic (Canadians skeptical of 
media, poll finds, May 6).

The same day's Star provided ample evidence of press bias in the story 
concerning Toronto's annual Million Marijuana March. What was really 
smokin' about the event was not, as your reporter states, the pizza stand, 
but the orderliness of the happening: People assembled civilly in front of 
City Hall, voiced their concerns, formed quietly into a parade and marched 
off; police, particularly those in black riot gear, were conspicuous by 
their absence.

Compare this with other recent events in this city, when police were out in 
force to confront and intimidate an assembly of concerned citizens, police 
and marchers fought each other, police on horses charged into crowds, 
arrests were made, property was damaged and injuries were common. Your 
reporter obviously couldn't get past his bias and observe the positive 
difference of this event and the manner in which it played out on Sunday. 
He needs to lighten up. We need more of these kinds of peaceful, 
un-sensationalistic, non-confrontational events in our city.

Lewis Pearsall

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