Pubdate: Fri, 10 May 2002
Source: Gaston Gazette, The (NC)
Copyright: 2002 The Gaston Gazette
Author: Virginia Huffstickler


I talked to some friends of mine and guess what? They said that most of the 
doctors that they went to had signs hanging in their offices that said, in 
so many words, that if you are a patient of Dr. Talley's, they would not 
take you on.

Is this fair? What if the people that went to Dr. Talley are going through 
withdrawals? I cannot believe a doctor would not take anyone that has been 
to Dr. Talley. Not everyone is a drug addict that went to Dr. Talley. Why 
are these high and mighty doctors doing people like that? It is a shame 
that you cannot go to a doctor for help.

When my brother died, I had to beg my doctor to give me something for my 
nerves because I took my brother's death very hard. I couldn't sleep at 
night. I couldn't eat. I am still having a hard time.

My mom has to beg her doctor for medicine for her nerves. It was her son 
that died, and there is no pain that can describe the pain of losing a 
child. I am still in a state of shock at how doctors are treating people. 
Who can we turn to for medical help? Nerves and depression are a big part 
of our medical problems now.

Could this be due to the carbon monoxide pollution? I heard this mentioned 
on the news among other things. What shall we do? Where shall we turn when 
we need medical help for our nerves in a time of crisis?

Virginia Huffstickler Gastonia
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