Pubdate: Wed, 08 May 2002
Source: BBC News (UK Web)
Copyright: 2002 BBC
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The operators of a cannabis cafe in Boscombe near Bournemouth have 
been told to move off the land they're on.

The land owners of the industrial unit in Boscombe have won a 
possession order at the County court. The occupants have been told 
they have until next Monday to leave the premises or face eviction.

Owner Jimmy Ward had hoped to openly sell cannabis to the public in a 
Dutch style cafe.

The cafe plans to sell cannabis for recreational use.

The plans to sell drugs have been dogged by controversy since the 
idea of a cannabis cafe was first mooted.

The cafe opened on 1st May, even though Dorset Police said they were 
determined to stamp out any illegal activity occurring.

Towards the end of last month the police raided the cafe and arrested 
seven people. Twenty five people were in the cafe at the time and the 
police seized substances which they believed to be cannabis. Boscombe 
is one of the worst drugs blackspots in the south of England. 
Anti-drugs groups like Bournemouth based charity 'The Drug Action 
Team' have been concerned about the cafe all along, and feel the cafe 
undermines their work and damage Boscombe's image.
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