Pubdate: Mon, 06 May 2002
Source: BBC News (UK Web)
Copyright: 2002 BBC


The organiser of yesterday's 'Legalise cannabis' march through Hull city 
centre says he was disappointed with the turnout.

An estimated 300 people joined the demonstration, which led from Queen's 
Gardens, near Hull's main police station to Pearson Park.

Although many of the marchers openly smoked Cannabis, the watching police 
didn't make any arrests.

Carl Wagner, who's behind the demo, had estimated that a thousand people 
would turn up, when in reality, it was nowhere near that number of people. 
He said: "I think it went very well.

"I'm a little disappointed with the numbers, more from the point of view 
from the people who are missing.

"The people who should be here, the people who claim they are 
environmentalists. Cannabis legalisation affects everybody."

Carl Wagner is also the owner of Divine Herb, a stall in Hull's indoor 
market selling a range of hemp products from pasta to candles.

BBCi Humber's Christine Demsteader has been to the market to find our more 
about the stall and it's owner, who also wants to open Hull's first 
'cannabis cafe'.
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