Pubdate: Sun, 28 Apr 2002
Source: Home News Tribune (NJ)
Copyright: 2002 Home News Tribune
Author: Kenneth Koppel
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As a retired school administrator, I express my concern to Debra Donald in 
regard to her letter, "Honesty worst policy at Edison High School," April 
23. Donald said that her son was suspended five days for telling the truth 
when he admitted that he had tried marijuana outside of school. Then he was 
suspended an additional 10 days when she would not allow the principal to 
further question her son about other students. Then he was placed in an 
alternative program for a month to keep him out of normal classes!

How many students have tried harmful drugs such as liquor and cigarettes 
outside of school? Will the principal also suspend them? Will he suspend 
and put Edison staff members in alternative sites if they try marijuana 
outside of school? What would he do with New York City Mayor Michael 
Bloomberg, who recently admitted that he enjoyed marijuana in the past?

What we need is good, accurate information about drugs and relevant 
education that shows students the dangers and health risks associated with 
drug use. What we don't need are uninformed and misguided school principals 
at Edison High School or anywhere else in our schools.

Kenneth Koppel

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