Pubdate: Sun, 28 Apr 2002
Source: Hattiesburg American (MS)
Copyright: 2002 Hattiesburg American
Author: Claudette Cascio


I am writing this to voice my opinion about an article ("Drug official: 
Community efforts unique in Pine Belt," April 20, 1A), in last Saturday's 
paper where Judy Sykes of the Talk of the Town (beauty shop) talks about 
the drug problem in the Sanford community. Yes, drugs can and will destroy 
your life and should be wiped out.

But why make a point at the expense of someone else? I have made peace with 
my demons. It amazes me to see the finger-pointers and what's behind their 

But I won't lower myself to their level by airing their dirty laundry in 
public. It may hurt them, but I would not want to hurt the innocent people 
around them, like my 11-year-old son, whom I love deeply.

So I'll just turn this matter over to God and leave it in his hands, 
because I know he has a reason for making us sisters.

Claudette Cascio,

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