Pubdate: Sun, 21 Apr 2002
Source: Oshawa This Week (CN ON)
Author: Dr. Robert Sasse


To the editor: Re: 'A new war on drugs,' story, April 12. No society can 
shift its thinking to a drug-free approach when they have been taught since 
childhood to believe they can't live without drugs.

As long as society makes a distinction between legal and illegal drugs, the 
war on drugs will never be won. Having the mindset that some drugs are 
deemed harmful and illegal while others, prescribed by a doctor, are 
believed to be safe, has had fatal consequences.

Over 100,000 people die unnecessarily every year in the United States and 
Canada from reactions to properly prescribed medications. Ten thousand die 
annually from illegal drugs. Though some medications may be beneficial and 
even lifesaving, the excessive use of medications has been well documented 
to cause harm.

The pharmaceutical industry spends millions of dollars every year 
convincing people they have a lotion, potion or pill to treat every ailment 
and that drugs are the answer to all health problems. No wonder some will 
turn to illegal drugs to reduce their pain or increase their pleasure, they 
have been programmed to do so!

Dr. Robert Sasse, Pickering
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