Pubdate: Wed, 24 Apr 2002
Source: Daily Southtown (IL)
Copyright: 2002 Daily Southtown
Author: James E. Gierach


God bless Judge Himel for allowing high school students to cross- examine a 
drug cop from the jury box in his courtroom during their field trip to the 
Halls of Justice. Although the practice deviated from protocol, it made a 
mockery (or model) of drug-war proceedings for the public to judge.

The drug war is a bad, deadly joke, aimed mostly at the poor and people of 
color. The daily travesty of justice seen in drug prosecutions in courts 
across our land, respectfully, earns the modicum of decorum and respect 
shown it by Judge Himel. Hopefully, the public will give as much thought to 
the wisdom of the killer drug war and its courtroom front lines as it does 
to the judge's handling of this routine drug-war case. Both merit cause for 

Secondly, Judge Himel acquitted the drug defendant. Hopefully, the evidence 
supported the court's decision, because judges are duty-bound to follow the 
law no matter how awful or harmful. Regardless, as a taxpayer, thank 
goodness for the acquittal. We'll now need one less Sheriff Sheehan 
drug-war pup tent on the grounds of the Cook County Jail sprawl.

How dare the sheriff mention more jail construction - a new division 
(Division XII). The taxpayer suffered from the doubling of the bonded 
indebtedness of Cook County when the capacity of the Cook County Jail 
expanded from 9,000 to 10,000. The county board should invest in one 
drug-war pup tent, and reserve it for the sheriff.

James E. Gierach
Oak Lawn
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