Pubdate: Sat, 20 Apr 2002
Source: Herald-Dispatch, The (WV)
Copyright: 2002 The Herald-Dispatch
Authors: Paul Miller and David Lane
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Warner Shows True Lack Of Understanding

No wonder we are losing the war on drugs, when our public officials 
clearly don't even understand the nature of illegal drug use and 
sales. In an April 14 column, U.S. Attorney Kasey Warner demonstrated 
a total lack of understanding.

Warner says the Taliban used heroin to finance their military 
operations. In reality, the Taliban is the only government to ever 
effectively ban production of an illegal drug. Today, the warlords 
who had been on our side during the fight against the Taliban are the 
guys who have resumed harvesting poppies.

By claiming that drug sellers are themselves terrorists. Warner 
clearly does not understand the definition of terrorism. Top-level 
drug sellers are organized criminals, akin to the gangsters who sold 
alcohol back when that was illegal. Yes, they are violent at times in 
pursuit of profits. But violence alone does not equate to terrorism.

And like the gangsters before them, the drug sellers were created by 
our prohibition. They are our creation.

Paul Miller
Woodbridge, Va.

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U.S. Attorney Wrong On Terror, Drugs

Regarding "War against terrorism, illicit drugs are identical," by 
U.S. Attorney Kasey Warner:

It is scary that someone in a position with this much power is as 
flat out stupid as Warner appears to be. While some small percentage 
of illegal drug sales may go to terrorists, it is minute compared 
with the financing they receive from oil sales.

The only reason terrorists (and other criminals) can profit from drug 
sales is because our current prohibitionist drug laws have given the 
market for some drugs to an unregulated black market run by criminals.

David Lane
Santa Cruz, Calif.
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