Pubdate: Fri, 19 Apr 2002
Source: Worcester Magazine (MA)
Copyright: 2002 by Worcester Publishing Ltd
Author: Kim Hanna


Dear Editor,

Thank you for this report on the possible methadone clinic (WM, News Desk / 
"Kicking the Cure," March 28).  It is a shame that the clinic has been 
rebuffed by South Worcester.  As your story related, there is increased 
addiction to heroin in our city and we must find a solution to this 
problem. Remember: What goes around, comes around. The alternative to our 
city residents will be much worse than the perceived threat of a clinic.

The Federal government wages a "drug war," yet high-purity heroin is 
available just about anywhere.  There is no better definition of failure, 
than the drug war.  America never had such a drug problem until a 
prohibition on drugs was started in the early 1900s.  Back then, people 
that used these drugs got them from their doctor or pharmacy, held regular 
jobs and provided for their families.  Nothing like today.

Other countries are trying injection clinics or prescription heroin. Others 
want methadone to be available in the pharmacy. Americans say "no" to 
clinics, methadone, free needles or other possible solutions. Then we 
wonder why we have 2 million inmates in prison, people doing 
life-without-parole for drugs, HIV-AIDS-Hepatitus (from dirty needles) and 
rampant crime to support the black market prices for underground drugs.

Please remember that more than 80% of drug convicts will return to our 
streets with the same drug/medical problems that got them into prison. Our 
community will again be exposed to their medical conditions.

Kim Hanna

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