Pubdate: Fri, 12 Apr 2002
Source: Macon Telegraph (GA)
Copyright: 2002 The Macon Telegraph Publishing Company
Author: David Corr


Recently Macon police veterans James Smith and Sonny Tate were arrested on 
drug and prostitution solicitation charges, respectively. In addition, 
Peach Tax Commissioner Dwight Byrd was arrested on felony drug charges.

Corruption of law enforcement is a major casualty of the war on drugs. Loss 
of civil liberties is another casualty of the insane war on drugs and 
prostitution. We spend billions of dollars to fight an unwinnable war on 
these activities which harm nobody but arguably those who engage in them. 
If we legalized drugs and prostitution, violent crimes would decrease 50 
percent overnight.

This would make our neighborhoods safer and promote family values. If we 
legalized prostitution and put it in the hands of legal brothel owners, 
prices would drop substantially and street prostitution would virtually 
disappear. Same with drug re-legalization.

The Libertarian Party knows this. Why don't the Democrats and Republicans? 
Could it be they enjoy spending billions of your tax dollars in a futile 
attempt to impose their version of goodness, thereby increasing crime and 
destroying lives and disrupting families in the process?

David Corr

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