Pubdate: Wed, 17 Apr 2002
Source: Bangor Daily News (ME)
Copyright: 2002 Bangor Daily News Inc.
Author: Tracey Field


Thank you for the April 13-14 story on Bangor's Drug Court. There were so 
many great points about this program, however, there were a few that really 
stood out.

This program appears to have "all the right stuff," especially Justice 
Andrew Mead. I've observed him in court while I served on jury duty. Honor, 
respect, compassion, no nonsense, topped with a wonderful sense of humor - 
what a wonderful man and perfect person to have in this position.

"The elephant in the middle of the room that nobody admits is there" deal. 
We all must admit there is a huge problem including all socioeconomic 

Finally, the most important part of this article was the suggestion that we 
are finally "getting it" - drug addiction has to be attacked from all 
sides. To believe all addicts are "bad" people, that addicts need to be 
"punished" for their addiction and similar mentalities is to be judgmental, 
self-righteous and narrow-minded. It's time that we as a community stop 
hating the people and focus on hating the addiction for which they are 
enslaved to. Not that the addict has no responsibility, just that we need 
to show compassion.

There are still too many people who choose to take the easy way out and 
automatically label people as throwaways or scum because they are too 
afraid to admit it could happen to someone in their family, or even 
themselves. I applaud all who are a part of this.

Tracey Field

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