Pubdate: Tue, 16 Apr 2002
Source: Birmingham News, The (AL)
Copyright: 2002 The Birmingham News
Author: James Taylor


The logic of some gun-control advocates is completely insane. The ban 
on drugs does not keep them off the street or stop their use. The 
"War on Some Drugs" only provides for a lucrative drug market.

The argument that a gun ban will magically persuade bad guys to leave 
their weapons of choice at home is equally absurd. The only people 
who would even grudgingly abide by a gun ban would be permit-carrying 

A word of advice to those who think that moving to England will make 
their lives safer: Save the cash. Cuba's a lot closer and much 
cheaper. I hear it has excellent gun control. For those who wish to 
travel to downtown Birmingham to shop, work, swim, etc., Thomas 
Jefferson had some excellent advice: "Let your gun, therefore, be the 
constant companion of your walks." The 2.1 million Americans who use 
firearms for self-defense annually would probably agree.

This is not a perfect world. Rapists, robbers, murderers and the like 
will not stop shooting and killing simply because the law says they 
can't. Of course, traveling unarmed is every American's right. But 
taking a few bullets in hopes that the bad guys of the world will 
eventually see the errors of their ways and throw down their arms is 
an unhealthy strategy that should never be forced on the rest of us.

James Taylor

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