Pubdate: Mon, 15 Apr 2002
Source: Deseret News (UT)
Copyright: 2002 Deseret News Publishing Corp.
Author: Patricia Mounteer
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Research supports the fact there is lower recidivism with offenders 
who receive treatment for their addiction. And that incarceration, 
while a deterrent, is not the total solution for someone who uses 
and/or sells drugs, according to a study published in National 
Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information on Jan. 8, 1998, and 
also according to President Bush in an article published in your 
paper on Feb. 13.

Recently, treatment centers and AP&P were informed that there is no 
funding to place people in treatment centers; however, there is 
funding to keep them in jail. Currently taxpayers' dollars are being 
used to pay $74 per day for someone in jail plus additional $21 each 
day for the very limited number who receive some substance-abuse 
treatment while in jail. The cost for a day in a treatment center is 

Is this prudent and wise spending of the taxpayers' dollars? Who can 
propose to justify as cost effective the spending of a minimum of $74 
to have someone in jail instead of $50 to have him or her in a in- 
patient treatment center? Perhaps some of those taxpayers with loved 
ones in jail, judges who sentence people to in-patient treatment and 
other concerned citizens need to ask and demand answers to this same 

Patricia Mounteer Woods Cross
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