Pubdate: Thu, 11 Apr 2002
Source: Cavalier Daily (VA Edu)
Copyright: 2002 The Cavalier Daily, Inc.
Author: Adam Wiggins


I applaud Mykola Kovalenko's excellent column "Recognizing marijuana's many 
medicinal benefits," published April 4. Here in California, we passed a law 
legalizing marijuana for medicinal use over five years ago. Many of our 
citizens suffering from debilitating, often terminal diseases such as 
cancer and AIDS have benefited greatly from this unique medicine.

Even our local city officials and police departments, many of whom 
originally opposed the measure, are now fully supportive. And how could 
they not be? Take just a few minutes to talk to one of the patients who use 

Their eyes filling with tears, they will describe how greatly it has 
improved their life, by allowing them to function normally despite 
debilitating pain, and stimulating their appetite when other medicines 
could not. In many cases, these people only have a few years of life 
remaining. Anyone who interacts with one of these patients will instantly 
agree that legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes is an act of 
compassion beyond measure.

Adam Wiggins

Director, Neoteric 
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