Pubdate: Fri, 12 Apr 2002
Source: Decatur Daily (AL)
Copyright: 2002 The Decatur Daily
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Random drug screenings of area high school students only scratch the 
surface, at best, when trying to assess drug abuse because school systems 
perform them only on students involved in extracurricular activities.

Only the most naive educators would think results of random screenings in 
select groups are a true indication of what's going on in their schools.

However, it would be expensive and of questionable legality to impose 
screenings on the general school population.

Even identifying which students use drugs still would not effectively 
curtail abuse. Identifying the suppliers is the only way to cut off the flow.

This week Lawrence County authorities charged five young people in the 
community with various drug offenses resulting from an undercover sting 
operation at Lawrence County High School.

An agent posed as a student and attended classes for six weeks.

Students, who are accused of selling drugs to the agent at school, and a 
man authorities said sold drugs near the school were arrested Tuesday and 
another student was charged with possessing fake identification.

It's regrettable when our schools are the settings for such clandestine 
operations, but such are the times.

Lawrence County took a proactive approach to dealing with teen drug abuse 
by eliminating at least one source.

But knocking out one dealer is no reason to ease vigilance. Parents must 
talk openly about the consequences of drug abuse with their children 
because the surest way to put a dealer permanently out of business is 
drying up his customer base.
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