Pubdate: Tue, 02 Apr 2002
Source: Oklahoman, The (OK)
Copyright: 2002 The Oklahoma Publishing Co.
Author: Steven Sapp
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Regarding "Nickles hears group's concerns about meth problem in county" 
(news story, March 27): We need to realize that some people think they must 
have a stimulant to go to that second job or to stay alert while driving. 
Methamphetamine manufacturing at home came about in response to a market 
need. When the Drug Enforcement Administration got into the business of 
telling doctors they could no longer prescribe amphetamines because they 
had a high potential for abuse, the black market met the needs of customers.

During the 1960s and 1970s you could go to your doctor and get a 
prescription for amphetamines. Your doctor could monitor your health and 
determine the amount you could use in a month. Now, with meth being in the 
hands of the black market, there's no control and nobody goes to their 
doctor and tells him they are using meth, for fear of arrest.

Meth is manufactured without controls for quality or purity, much like 
bathtub gin during Prohibition. During that time many people were blinded 
or killed until alcohol was again legal and regulated. Maybe we need to 
consider putting this drug back in the hands of the physicians so we can 
end the illegal market and the danger that comes with it.

Steven Sapp, Norman
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