Pubdate: Mon, 01 Apr 2002
Source: Fayetteville Observer-Times (NC)
Copyright: 2002 Fayetteville Observer-Times
Author: Arquita Bost
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For years and years America has spent billions of dollars trying to put an 
end to the trafficking of drugs. Where has it gotten us? Basically nowhere.

The answer is to rehabilitate the addicts. Continuously, the government has 
had law enforcement trying to enforce the "no tolerance" of illegal drug 
sales in the United States. Time after time narcotics are still being sold.

There is a major missing key to the puzzle: no matter if the seller is not 
available (i.e. from incarceration), there will always be a need for the 
drugs for the addicted person. If the demand is there, then there will 
always be a need for the supply, so someone will be up to providing the supply.

The government should turn the direction of law enforcement. Start from the 
root of the problem -- drug addiction. If there are no people on drugs, 
then who can dealers sell to? No demand, no supply. It is simple economics, 
although the process wouldn't be simple. It is not hard to realize the 
sufficiency of getting citizens off drugs.

If the government keeps approaching the dilemma the way it has, it will 
only allow street value to get much higher. If you are addicted and need 
something, you will be willing to risk anything to get what you want. Good 
job, America!

Arquita Bost

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