Pubdate: Sat, 30 Mar 2002
Source: BBC News (UK Web)
Copyright: 2002 BBC
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The Scottish Prison Service is offering a radical new drugs programme 
to prevent the deaths of offenders when they leave prison.

Under the Retox Programme, prisoners who warn they intend to use 
heroin on release, will be offered methadone.

The SPS said the move marked a radical and realistic approach to drug 
abuse among inmates.

A spokesman said as many as three out of four prisoners are drug abusers.

Some are victims of overdose when they are released because their 
bodies cannot cope with the drugs.

Following psychological assessments and discussions with drugs 
counsellors, the programme will be offered to those who say they will 
return to drugs.

The SPS spokeswoman said: "The retox programme marks a responsible, 
radical and realistic approach to drug abuse.

"Many prisoners leave custody and abuse drugs when their system is 
not ready and take an overdose.

"There will be extremely strict criteria on who can take part in the 
Retox programme. This marks a responsible attitude and acknowledges 
there is a drugs problem.

"This is about saving lives and doing the right thing."
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