Pubdate: Wed, 27 Mar 2002
Source: Gazette, The (CO)
Copyright: 2002 The Gazette
Author: Thomas Gartner
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Kids' Rights


The Gazette's March 21 Our View, "Kids' rights?" was unconscionable. True,
there is a legal difference between adults and minors. But, a big reason we
are having so many problems with the public school system is the Gestapo
tactics used by the public education system.

I am all for the use of urine tests if an extracurricular activity, such as
sports, could cause the students to use banned substances. However, the
blatant use of urine tests based on a whim or because the principal got up
on the wrong side of the bed smacks the face of individual rights.

I understand the need for students to be held accountable for their
actions, but where is the respect and dignity from the public education
system that fosters an atmosphere of trust? I strongly feel that our
education system is just one step from being a penal colony in which we in
society are the losers.

Now that the education system has the authority to urine test anybody, why
not keep the students at school until they turn 18? Then the public
education system would know what their students were doing 24 hours a day.
Thus, the public education system would be the perfect baby-sitting
service, preventing minors from assimilation into society as the
torchbearers of democracy. Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I would like to know if the public education system randomly conducts urine
tests on its employees?

Thomas Gartner

Colorado Springs
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