Pubdate: Wed, 27 Mar 2002
Source: Columbus Dispatch (OH)
Copyright: 2002 The Columbus Dispatch
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Let's set the record straight, shall we ("Supporters ready to press plan 
for drug offenders," Dispatch article, March 10)?

The treatment of drug abuse is far more effective than is prison, period. A 
proposed constitutional amendment would not be "de-facto legalization" of 
all drug use, as Gov. Bob Taft has said. It's not even close. Drug courts 
would be further utilized, not abandoned, undermined or destroyed.

The proposal would not corrupt the judicial process and would not replace 
"fake treatment." Anyone dropping out of treatment would go directly to jail.

Taft and the rest of the Flat-Earth Society doesn't believe that voters 
understand what treatment instead of incarceration means, or that only 
first- and second-time nonviolent offenders would qualify for the program. 
The boards of elections make sure that deceptive and false language is not 
used on ballot initiatives. Too bad they can't do the same for the 
governor's words.

Finally, The Dispatch mentioned some interesting numbers from California's 
similar program, but it failed to mention that judges, police, treatment 
professionals and corrections officials all are satisfied with the program 
and that it has been a marked success by any standard. Let the voters 
decide; after all, it is our government
and our right.

Jim White,
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