Pubdate: Mon, 25 Mar 2002
Source: Times Daily (AL)
Contact:  2002 Times Daily
Author: Kevin L. Bardon
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To the Editor:

The depths to which the average misinformed or uninformed Alabama citizen 
will stoop or fall for faulty thinking on issues political or social 
continually amazes me.

For example, much-maligned Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore Jr. 
appears to exhibit characteristics of "magical thinking" exemplified by his 
promotion of "The Ten Commandments." It is a psychotic phenomenon that 
causes the sufferer to believe that their actions have the ability to defy 
the normal laws of cause and effect. His "Hanging Ten" has thus far not 
been shown to save one soul, positively change or influence one life.

Local resident and war veteran Frank Powell has garnered much criticism 
local and abroad by his often knee-jerk commentaries. His most recent on 
the "law of diminishing returns" and gasoline exemplifies lack of 
understanding when examined in the light of respected Wharton MBA graduate 
and twice presidential economic advisor Paul Zane Pilzer's re-examination 
of the long-held belief in "scarcity of resources." Consider that fuel 
injection effectively replaced the carburetor, thereby changing/eliminating 
entire industries and increasing productivity.

Those proponents of the death penalty appear to be ignorant of the 
phenomenally exorbitant costs of one murder trial; the associated mandatory 
legal reviews and appeals processes have been shown repeatedly that life in 
prison without parole is more cost-effective, and inexpensive than 
sentencing one to death.

Our Department of Justice's own statistics show that our state, federal and 
local prison populations are filled to overflowing with non-violent 
offenders, mostly drug related. Addiction exacts a costly toll on society, 
but treatment options have fallen out of favor in lieu of punishment rather 
than treatment. Again, it is more cost effective to society in every 
respect to treat and rehabilitate than to imprison.

As any military strategist can attest, emotion, though it may temporarily 
motivate, makes for poor long-term sustainment and is frequently reason for 
downfall, defeat and failure.

How long can we Alabamians continue to ignore knowledge and rely upon feelings?

Revenge naturally feels good to the aggrieved and offended. But it is not 
without cost.

Kevin L. Bardon, Elgin
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