Pubdate: Thu, 21 Mar 2002
Source: New Haven Register (CT)
Copyright: 2002, New Haven Register
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Yes, and if any parents are against this, then they have no respect for 
their children.

Wesley, New Haven

No. Test the teachers instead. Then we'll see what kind of peoples are 
teaching our kids.

Joanne, Seymour

Yes. It is for their benefit whether they want to believe it or not. Some 
kids should be tested two or three or more times a year.

Craig, Hamden

I see nothing wrong with students taking urine tests monitored by teachers 
as long as the legislators who passed that law also get urine tests in 
front of the people they have to work with.

Steven, New Haven

Why not test all students? Those who are not using drugs certainly would 
not mind being tested.

Kelly, Derby

No, unless the students are going out for a sport. It should be up to the 
parents to make sure they are not taking drugs.

Ann, West Haven

If an adminstrator suspects drug use on the advice of a teacher, by all 
means, yes.

Bob, Columbia

Only if the teachers are tested randomly as well.

Herb, West Haven

Yes. If they have nothing to hide they have nothing to worry about.

Oliver, Branford

That would be the most gross infringement of privacy. There are just as 
many 35- and 60-year-olds that still smoke a little weed now and then. 
Testing is totally ridiculous.

Bob, East Haven

If we end up testing the students, we should also test the teachers and 

Paul, West Haven

Yes. There are a lot of drugs brought into our school system. It should be 
done for the safety of our young people.

Rosa, New Haven

If schools test kids for drugs, is there anything left for the parents to 
do? Why don't the schools just take custody of the kids?

Jess, Branford

That is a very sensitive question when a lot of parents are on drugs 
themselves and the kids just copy the parents.

Gordon, Milford

I have been drug-free for nine years and have seen a family member die from 
an overdose. However that does not give the government or the school system 
the right to test kids for drugs without probable cause.

Mike, Shelton

Let the parents take care of their children. The government is taking away 
our constitutional rights.

Trudy, Branford

Only if the student is playing a sport. Because if they play sports and 
take drugs, they are putting their health in danger.

Meg, Hamden

Yes, it's about time we started looking at our teachers and testing them. 
Not the students.

Charlie, North Haven
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