Pubdate: Sunt, 17 Mar 2002
Source: Times Daily (AL)
Contact:  2002 Times Daily
Author: Betty Zimmerle Smith


To the Editor:

Frank Powell's point about drug use was obvious to me. Others didn't get it 
and are writing themes about it. He does know the difference between crime 
and vice.

Powell said he's had an idea for several years: Let the government supply 
drug addicts with all the drugs they want, then have an efficient 
sanitation department drag the bodies out of the streets every three days 
or so.

Obviously he's making a reference to the decriminalization-of-drugs debate 
- -- one not raging as much these days. That debate is about "wasted" 
resources of police, drug-war costs, rising prison population, etc.

Some extremists want the government to facilitate drug use, even supply 
narcotics, for a more peaceful America.

Of course, Powell is spoofing this. His comments were germane to the 
discussion of whether some drugs should be decriminalized.

Betty Zimmerle Smith Killen
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