Pubdate: Wed, 13 Mar 2002
Source: Peterborough This Week (CN ON)
Copyright: 2002 Peterborough This Week
Author: Kevin Allan
Note: Parenthetical remark provided by the This Week editor


To the editor:

Of course legalization of illicit drugs is the answer ("Legalization of 
drugs would end several ills," March 6, 2002).

There is no reason for drugs to be illegal considering the drug the 
provides the highest intoxication, alcoholism, is already legal. It seems 
obvious the drug with the highest intoxication is the drug that's most 
dangerous to those around the user, or abuser, of that drug.

There are many reasons for illicit drugs to be legal. Drugs would be in 
adult stores and not schools. No more street dealing. All the crime due to 
prohibition would go away. There is a lot of reasons, including no more 
youths dying from the one-time use of bad street drugs.

What we really need is the truth on these illicit drugs. Right now society 
only knows the lies, myths and propaganda that the authorities tell us. I 
choose to use the drug marijuana. I choose not to use the drug alcohol. Why 
should I be the criminal ? The alcohol user is more dangerous.

Kevin Allan,

North Vancouver, BC.

(A generalization such as that is open to all sorts of criticism.)
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