Pubdate: Wed, 13 Mar 2002
Source: Santa Fe New Mexican (NM)
Copyright: 2002 The Santa Fe New Mexican
Author: Ruth Fahrbach
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In your Jan. 18 edition, Floyd E. Vasquez wrote an article entitled "DEA
cracks down on THC products." I found the title slanderous of industrial
hemp. The reader could assume from the title that industrial hemp is noted
for its THC (tetra-hydrocannabinol) content and is an intoxicant. The truth
is hemp contains .03 percent THC. Chris Conrad in "Hemp for Health," states,
"most types of Cannabis Sativa do not have psychoactive properties. I use
the term industrial hemp to refer to varieties of Cannabis with no
psychoactive effect." 

The United States is fearful and hides the truth about hemp and marijuana by
failing to differentiate between the two. Industrial hemp is a significant
agricultural crop in Canada, China, Poland, Hungary, Romania, England,
France, Germany, Nepal, India and South Africa. The U.S. DEA intends to ban
hemp food products. Does this mean a push for genetically-processed foods
over self-sustaining agricultural crops? Industrial hemp can feed, clothe
and shelter the entire planet.

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Ruth Fahrbach

El Prado
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