Pubdate: Thu, 28 Feb 2002
Source: Austin American-Statesman (TX)
Copyright: 2002 Austin American-Statesman
Author: Robert Wilks


It is good to be reminded that our individual actions have results in 
the larger world. Wealth and comfort tend to dull the conscience, and 
the size of our nation often makes us think our individual actions 
don't matter. They do. But President Bush's ads trying to link drugs 
with terrorism are ridiculous.

It would be more timely and beneficial to remind us how our petroleum 
use is linked to terrorism. Osama bin Laden was from a wealthy Saudi 
family. How did the Saudis get rich? From selling oil to Americans. 
And how did Saddam Hussein get rich? From selling oil to Americans.

Bush's ads are nothing more than a devious misdirection of our 
attention away from the Enron debacle. They insult our intelligence 
and dishonor those who have lost lives to terrorism.


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