Pubdate: Wed, 27 Feb 2002
Source: Chicago Tribune (IL)
Copyright: 2002 Chicago Tribune Company
Author: Adam Wiggins

Voice Of The People (Letter)


Pasadena, Calif. -- Can it be that the Feb. 20 Metro column "New ads hint 
at change in war on drugs" is actually applauding our government for 
wasting several million tax dollars on the ludicrous anti-drug ad that 
aired during the Super Bowl? Anyone with a bit of common sense can easily 
see that there is no connection whatsoever between buying a joint of 
marijuana (most likely grown in the U.S., Canada or Mexico) and terrorism 
in the Middle East.

It's offensive that the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy 
would take Americans for such idiots.

Americans should question whether this is really the wisest way to be 
spending our tax dollars.

No one is fooled by such ridiculous propaganda.

Adam Wiggins
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