Pubdate: Wed, 27 Feb 2002
Source: Wilmington Morning Star (NC)
Copyright: 2002 Wilmington Morning Star
Author: Sherree Harrell
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EDITOR: I find it interesting that the photo on Feb. 17 front page 
(accompanying a story about prostitution) was a female prostitute, not a 
male john. Perhaps the male john wouldn't sell as many papers. Again, let's 
just exploit the women for money and sex - others are doing it, too.

Commonly, male and female prostitutes are survivors of sexual trauma in 
childhood perpetrated by an adult male who is a family member or close 
friend of the family. The child who is unsupported by therapy or good 
parenting will grow up to self-medicate by using illegal drugs.

Until we see drug abuse for what it is - a health issue, not simply a 
criminal issue - we will not properly deal with all of the following 
societal problems that are closely related: Child abuse/neglect/sexual 
exploitation, HIV and AIDS, domestic violence, homelessness, mental 
illness, and prostitution. ...

We need to provide free, mandatory, community-based drug rehabilitation in 
programs that are longer than simply 30 days.

For crack, it must be at least one year of residential treatment and 
monitoring after the initial 30-60 day hospital treatment setting. But 
because crack is a drug of choice for lower economic level citizens, we do 
not fund enough of such programs.

Let's do something worthwhile with our tax dollars, not to mention our souls.

Sheree Harrell

New Hanover County National Organization for Women

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