Pubdate: Tue, 26 Feb 2002
Source: Northwest Arkansas Times (AR)
Copyright: 2002 Community Publishers Inc.
Author: Georgia Lance


Thank you for printing some true, factual information about the War on 
Drugs. This "war" was begun by President Richard Nixon and Republicans 
today see their opportunity to dominate and control American citizens and 
people of other countries with their war on some drugs rhetoric and 
policies. The United States is now being sued, under NAFTA rules, for 
banning a Canadian company from selling hemp products in the United States. 
Medical marijuana users in the Unite ed States are still waiting for our 
government to do legitimate, useful research on the medicinal benefits of 
marijuana. As usual, America lags behind other countries in doing this 
research, but at least other countries don't have the narrow, moralistic 
viewpoint of Asa Hutchinson and his gang of thugs who are currently 
attacking and terrorizing medical marijuana users, doctors, and buyers 
clubs in California. Talk about the war on drugs supporting terrorism, it 
certainly is, right here in the good ole USA.

Georgia Lance, Elkins
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