Pubdate: Thu, 14 Feb 2002
Source: Honolulu Star-Bulletin (HI)
Copyright: 2001 Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Author: Donald M. Topping
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The article on the alarming rise in Ecstasy use (Star-Bulletin, Feb. 11) is
disturbing in more ways than one. 

We are all concerned that an increasing number of juveniles are
experimenting with a black-market drug of unknown content, which can lead to
dangerous consequences. Much of what is sold on the street as Ecstasy
contains very little of MDMA (the active chemical) and sometimes none at

Propaganda-based information programs with unsubstantiated claims about
memory loss and brain damage have not deterred teens from using Ecstasy.
What is likely to produce better outcomes is honest, scientifically based
information about this and other drugs. 

The FDA recently approved research using Ecstasy in treating post-traumatic
stress disorder at the University of South Carolina. If Ecstasy were as
dangerous as prohibitionists claim, would the government approving such as

Kids can see through the hypocrisy. If we are going to protect them, we need
to give them honest, fact-based information. Scare tactics are not working. 

Donald M. Topping, President

Drug Policy Forum of Hawaii
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