Pubdate: Mon, 11 Feb 2002
Source: Savannah Morning News (GA)
Copyright: 2002 Savannah Morning News
Author: Nancy Keiler


During the Super Bowl, big corporations were allowed into our living rooms 
to sell their products. One of the bigger companies had 10 commercials 
hawking alcohol.

Alcohol is a drug; there is no other definition. However, it's a legal 
drug, no matter the harm it does, and the corporation makes millions off of 
it with our permission and approval.

Along with the alcohol ads were those by the Office of National Drug 
Control Policy trying to make a connection between illegal drugs and terrorism.

Prohibition of drugs by the ONDCP feeds the coffers of terrorism. It drives 
up the price of illegal drugs by 17,000 percent.

Alcohol causes more damage to the American people than all illegal drugs 
combined, but it's legal. Where is the sense there? It is a very pervasive, 
pernicious, legal drug.

The police are wasting our tax dollars running after, arresting and 
processing pot smokers.

Alcohol kills many more people than heroin and cocaine, and there has never 
been a death recorded from marijuana.

The only way to take the profit away from drugs is to legalize or 
decriminalize all drugs.

Marijuana is very popular, not cocaine, speed or heroin.

We can take care of people in hospitals and in clinics who overdose. 
Private consumption of drugs is just that, private.

Prohibition does not work. Besides, legal drugs have been found to be much 
more toxic than illegal drugs -- the numbers who die from nicotine and 
alcohol reach at least one million a year.

The ONCDP ads were dishonest and cost millions. Those dollars could have 
been better spent advising people about the harm of alcohol.

Wouldn't parents rather have their children be potheads than drunks? Ask 
the police who are the most unruly; they will tell you.

We all know prohibition has not had any impact on demand. It's a stupid law 
and people break stupid laws.

I want the government out of my living room and to stop trying to regulate 

I want the government to restore the freedom of choice over a person's 

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